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Whym is a different kind of company…

We want adventurers. Travellers. Those who go to extreme lengths and the extra mile to seek out the very best and the very weirdest things life has to offer. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

Whym is a team first. We believe we only succeed when we are all in it together. Every department - HR, Accounting, Travel, Marketing - is focused on giving each and every traveller of ours a story that they will tell their grandkids one day. That means we work hard and never accept no as an answer when we know our customers journey would be better with a yes. Creative problem solving is the name of the game here at Whym. If you are someone who succeeds best when there are clear cut guidelines and rules to follow, Whym isn’t for you. If you’re someone who can make friends with that guy you once met in that place that is now the perfect hookup for a great surprise for our customers, what’s taken you so long to find us? Getting to yes, getting to the bucket list item, is what we do each and every day. Not a normal 9-5 lifestyle (travel waits for no one!), we pride ourselves on being a diverse company with perks that make it fun to go to work every day. Weekly team meetings (equipped with free fried chicken for all!) to connect, align, and unwind, unlimited PTO, happy hours and snacks galore, and a team that has never met a problem it didn’t want to solve. And the best perk of all, the pictures our travellers send at the end of a memorable trip and a promise to return that makes it all worth it. Sound like you? Check below for any open positions or if you don’t see anything at the moment, feel free to reach out to hr@onawhym.com if you think you may have that little something extra or a great idea we can’t live without!


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