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How Whym Plans Your Dream Surprise Vacation

We plan your vacation by asking a few questions to give you a personalized travel experience - it's all a surprise!

How We Do It

surprise weekend vacation traveling to beach destination

Do we have your attention yet? Good. So let's give you the nitty gritty on how it all works here at Whym:

We'll start off by asking you a few questions such as how many explorers you have, your desired budget, how long your trip will be, and a little bit about yourself.

At this point, it's all about anticipation. Speculate, wonder, count down, because exactly one week before your departure date, you will receive a message from us providing your 10 day forecast and some packing guidelines. 24 hours before departure you'll receive another message telling you what time your vessel of transport is departing and from where.

On the day of your trip, you finally get to find out where you'll be vacationing! We'll let you know approximately two hours before departure where you're going and how to check in. Once you land, you'll get a few more details, like where you're staying and how to get there. Once you're all checked in and hyped up, you get the (almost) final piece of the puzzle. An itinerary that holds all the fun and excitement you could want. Maybe it's a beach vacation with ample relaxation time. Or maybe we're sending you an a hike through some picturesque forest. Or it may just be a credit card burning mission down Fifth Avenue. Whatever it is, we can promise you excitement, fun, and spontaneity. 

But that's not the end of the surprises, oh no. Built into that fun little itinerary, you'll find little blocks of time greyed out, miniature surprises if you were - Whymsies. These are little extra special things we planned for you. You'll get the details you need right at the time of the event - be it walking directions, instructions to meet your car, or where to pick up tickets to a show - it's all about the surprise. 

We're going to build you a trip you've never imagined before. We can't wait.